City Parks

Enterprise City Park (Community Park)

100 9147

This park is located at the site of the Enterprise flourmill, which was built in 1888. City Park was acquired through several transactions of sheriff’s sales or a city sale. Dates are October 22, 1931, February 9, 1934 and January 1, 1935. The original parcels were purchased for a total of $17. An additional parcel was recently acquired for $30,000. The original park was just over an acre in size and the new addition is around .33 acres. This park has a tennis court a playground and picnic tables. Prairie Creek runs through the southern section of this park.


Little League Field (Sports Field)

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The City purchased this property in March 31, 1969 from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 4307 for $7,000. This park includes a skate park built by volunteers with donated materials, a Basketball practice area and the regulation-size Little League field and a batting cage. This park is 2.05 acres in size.

Warde Park

This property was donated to the City of Enterprise by Charles R. Warde on December 14, 1995 with the following conditions:

  1. The city shall oversee the property as a public park and no other purpose. If the city fails to use it for this purpose, it shall revert back to the grantor.
  2. The city shall designate the name of the park as “The Warde Park”. If the city fails to designate the name, the property shall revert back to the grantor.
  3. The grantor shall for a period of 15 years, at its sole expense maintain the park. The city shall maintain the subject property in a good state of condition and repair for the   benefit of the general public in perpetuity. If the city fails to maintain the property, the property shall revert back to the grantor.

This park was developed at no cost to the city by Mr. Warde and has a brick walk, benches, trees, shrubs and flowers and a bronze statute of Chief Joseph. The city is now responsible for the maintenance by agreement with Mr. Warde. The park is 9900 square feet or .23 acres.

Babe Ruth Field (Sports Field)

The city purchased this property from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post No. 430; American Legion Post 18; and the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce on March 31, 1969 for the sum of $7,000. It is currently used primarily for soccer. This park is 4.09 acres

Jensen Ball Fields (Sports Field)

This property was donated to the City on June 15, 1983 by Harold and Wanda Jensen with the restriction that in the event any of the property dedicated shall not be owned, used and maintained by the City of Enterprise for “Public Recreation”, the property shall revert back to the dedicator”. It is 3.35 acres and is currently used for baseball and soccer. The Jensen Ball Field and the Babe Ruth Field are adjacent to each other.

 Enterprise has the most ball fields of any town in the county and are used by residents from all over the county.

Krumholz Park

Floyd Krumholz presented the city with a 99-year lease agreement on July 26,1990 for the amount of $10.00. This park is dedicated to his late wife Cecil V. Krumholz. There is a plaque at the site with that dedication. After Floyd's passing the Estate of Floyd Krumholz sold the park to the City of Enterprise on March 11, 2014 for $500.00.  This park shall be used for the purpose of a public park and wayside. It is a beautiful spot to stop and have lunch.  The view is incredible, encompassing the valley and surrounding mountains. The Cecil V. Krumholz park is located on the west side of town next to the Baptist Church.

Alpine Golf Course

The golf course property is owned by the City and leased to the Wallowa Valley Golf Association. The golf course is approximately 56 acres.

Table of Park Properties





Enterprise City Park


Community Park Ice Rink, T-ball, Picnics, Playground, Tennis
Babe Ruth/Soccer


Sports Field Mostly soccer
Jensen Ball Fields


Sports Field Baseball, adult softball, soccer, High School teams
Little League Field/Skate Park/Basketball


Sports Fields Little League games, in season
Warde Park


Mini Park Benches, statue, interpretive sign
Krumholz Park


Mini Park Picnic tables, interpretive sign
Golf Course


Golf Course Leased to Wallowa Valley Golf Association